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American West (113) Military History (573)
Amistad Revolt (9)
California Gold Rush Museums(
Civil War [185] Native American
Colonial America New Madrid Earthquake 1811-1812 [12]
Denmark Vesey Insurrection (8)
Documents (4) Nat Turner's Rebellion (4)
Fifty Four Forty or five [6] Old West
General [33] Organizations (17)
Gilded Age (15) Orphan Trains (12)
Immigration People (266)
Impeachment Slavery [7]
Independence Day Stonewall Jackson (6)
  Texas War of Independence
Imperialism (11) Whitman Massacre
John Brown (12) William T Sherman (8)
Aaron Burr - Alexander Hamilton Duel (6)
African American Journey: Missouri Compromise plan agreed upon by the United States Congress in 1820 to settle the debate over slavery in the Louisiana Purchase area.
American Experience: The Telephone companion to the PBS/WGBH series program on the history of the telephone
Americans in the Egyptian Army: Ismail's Bold Experiment 50 American officers who served in the Egyptian Army during the 1870s.
Black Populists in North Carolina: 1876-1896 African-American Populism in North Carolina in the late 19th century
City Transformed: Railroads and Their Influence on the Growth of Chicago in the 1850s finalist entry in the 1995 Chicago Metro History Fair.
Compromise of 1850 (8)
Department of Dakota travel back in time to the American frontier of the 1870s and see maps, gazetteer, troop rosters and accounts of military campaigns
Documenting the American South the Southern Experience in 19th-century America. Includes narratives on slavery, memoirs, diaries and autobiographies.
Donner Party
Five Points Site images and artifacts from the archaeological dig of the 19th century New York City slum.
Fugitive Slave Act (7)
Fur Trade in Indian Territory text and pictures of the Fur Trade Period in Oklahoma.
Godey's Lady's Book popular lady's book of the 19th century with articles by well known American authors.
Great Chicago Fire 1871
Hatfields and McCoys (4)
Haymarket Riot
Historic Asylums of 19th Century America state by state listings, preservation information, historic photos, maps, histories, original plans
Historic Latta Plantation Carolina backcountry living history site, ca. 1800-1840.
History of California to Statehood in 1850 images and links, of Indian, Spanish, Mexican, and Yankee California leading up to state ratification in October 1850.
History of the First Locomotives in America original documents and the testimony of the living witnesses. Written by William H. Brown.
History of the National Refining Company Cleveland, Ohio 1882-1950. Produced White Rose Gasoline and EN-AR-CO motor oil.
Images of African Americans from the 19th Century The New York Public Library Digital Library Collection.
IRWeb: The Industrial Revolution Industrial Revolution, and specifically, the American part in it.
Jewish-American History on the Web 19th Century Jewish-American history, poetry and fiction, polemics and philosophy.
Kansas-Nebraska Act 1854 (5)
Klondike Weekly, The Klondike Gold Rush and its characters to life
Leona G. and David A. Bloom Southwest Jewish Archives Jewish families who settled in Arizona, New Mexico, and West Texas during the mid-nineteenth and early part of the twentieth centuries.
Lewis and Clark Expedition (19)
Making of America primary sources in American social history from the antebellum period through reconstruction.
Maritime Heritage Project ships, captains, and names of passengers arriving in San Francisco from 1849 through 1870.
Minnesota Explorers Zeb Pike and Stephen Long explored Minnesota and have mountains in Colorado named after them.
Missouri Compromise (5)
Molly Maguires
Montana Vigilantes and Sheriff Henry Plummer Gold Camp Vigilantes in Montana in 1862-64 with an emphasis on Henry Plummer.
Mormon Pioneer Story
New Madrid Earthquake, The documents, accounts, graphics, and links about the earthquakes of 1811-1812.
Old Steam Navy, The men and ships of the US Navy in the late 19th century.
Peshtigo Fire
Plessy v Ferguson: 163 U.S. 537 (1896)
Seneca Falls Women's Rights Convention (6)
Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet in Tucson nuns and pioneers who came to the Southwest in the 1870's to start schools, orphanages, and hospitals.
Story of a Great Monopoly the Vanderbilt fortune, first published in the Atlantic Monthly, March 1881.
The American Experience: America 1900 images, information, and documents about American life at the turn of the century, including a timeline, people and events database, and teacher's guide.
Trail of Tears
Transcontinental Railroad (16)
U.S. Camel Corps 19th century Army experiment in which camels were used as pack animals in the American Southwest.
USS Constitution (Old Ironsides)
Virtual Antebellum Richmond Richmond before the Civil War with students and faculty at the College of William and Mary
Webster-Ashburton Treaty 1842 and Associated Documents boundaries between Maine and British territories, and settled the final suppression of the African slave trade.
Women, Sexuality, and Murder in 19th Century America sexual scandals and murders that involved women in a significant way: as victims, as perpetrators, or as involved bystanders.
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