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Havenport basketball
Coaching & Basketball in Australia Latest Coaching by Geoff Jubb in Australia
Journal of Basketball Studies Interesting site on the scientific study of basketball.
Swish - Shooting Technique  
New Southern California Basketball Ser  
FitnessLink - Shaping up for Basketball  
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Ask The Coach  
Ralph Millers Pressure Basketball  
All-Pro Software for Basketball  
Kingsvale Basketball links and Misc  
Coach Basketball Tool to help coaches at all levels. Comprehensive insight is given on situations like presses, zones, offenses, combination defenses and more.  
Geoff Shurtleff's Basketball Tips Basketball fundamentals, it is very helpful for coaching kids and parents.  
The Coaches Home Enhance your basketball knowledge through the use of animated plays, articles, and other teaching aids which will enable you to implement the tactics  
Coach Mark's Home Page Drill, plays and articles  
Power Basketbal Looking for advice or information on coaching basketball.  
Time Out Monthly basketball clinic  
Coaches Edge Designed to help sports enthusiasts at all levels "Know the Game (tm)".  
Coach's Corner Divided into three sections. For the coach, called "The Coach's Manual." Second for players, called "The Manual for the Gym Rat"thirdly is the "Newsletter Archives."  
Coaches Note Book The Coach's Notebook changes a little almost every day, with new topics and drills and skills. A valuable resource tool  
Basketball Highway Hoops coaching resources & network.  
Coach Michael Wells Basketball Coach at Keswick Christian High School. Offenses, defenses, drills, strategy  
WBCA: Women's Basketball Coaches Association Founded in 1981, to promote women's basketball by unifying coaches at all levels  
Christian Life Academy - Jumping Program
Jumping Program  
Dave Hannan Ball Handling How to become a better ball handler through this series of drills  
Teaching The 1-3-1 Zone Defense Team Building Practice Organization Stretching Warm-Up Activities Passing Ball Handling Shooting Rebounding Defense  
The Deweyville Shuffle Offence  
Coach Barber's Motivation Quotes list of motivational material  
Coach Finamore's Motivation Page Designed for the greatest motivational quotes ever written  
Patti's Hoops Page  
Basketball Coaches Forum Player tips by position and infor to help coaches improve their teams