Basketball Coaching Books
Phog Allen (The Father of Basketball Coaching)
by Kerkhoff,Blair
Kansas coach Forrest C. Allen, affectionately known as Phog to the sporting world, proved to basketball inventor James Naismith that the game could be coached, then proceeded to do it better than anyone else in the first half of the 20th century. Phog Allen: The Father of Basketball Coaching is the first comprehensive story of college basketball's original coaching genius and dominant personality.
Strength and Fitness Training
for Basketball
by Harley,Rob; Doust,Jo;
National Coaching Foundation
Coaching Basketball Successfully
by Wootten,Morgan
In Coaching Basketball Successfully, Wootten covers every facet of building a successful basketball team. Coaches at every level will appreciate the way he takes sophisticated techniques and breaks them down into practical skills, strategies, and drills that they can apply in their own programme.
Motion Game Offenses for Men's and Women's Basketball
by Harkins,Harry; Krause,Jerry
Presents an in-depth look at a number of different motion offenses. Among the offenses examined are complete motion games with all five players interchanging and abbreviated motion games which keep players in a position. Topics discussed include the moving stack, variable offside cut motion, flex-plus motion, guarg loop three-play motion, passing game overload, 1-3-1 wheel motion, lob motion and more.
All-Purpose Offenses for Men's and Women's Basketball
by Harkins,Harry; Krause,Jerry
Discover how to run the passing game offense, the stacked UCLA shuffle, an offside stack shuffle, the stack overload pattern, an inside triangle offense, the box and one dribble-entry offense plu the wide perimeter 2-3 offense. Includes numerous diagrams and candid advice on offenses for both men's or women's basketball.
Three-Point Field Goal Offense for Men and Women's Basketball
by Harkins,Harry L; Krause,Jerry
Starting with how the three-point shot has affected today's game, Harkins and Krause proceed to explain offensive basketball and how the three-point shot can be incorporated effectively into any team's offensive scheme
Coaching Fast Break Basketball
by Ellis,Cliff; Ellis,Cliff
Basic fundamentals and techniques for creating and taking advantage of fast break opportunities.