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The name, "Sioux" is a French rendering of the Ojibwa word nadewisou, meaning "treacherous snakes." The name was not meant as a compliment and was not until recently, by the Sioux. The Sioux referred to themselves as "An Alliance of Friends." In the Santee dialect, the name is pronounced, "Dakhota." In the Yankton dialect the name is "Nakhota." And, in the Teton dialect, we are the "Lakhota." The Lakhota, largest population of the three, come mainly from Rosebud, Pine Ridge, Lower Brule, Standing Rock and Cheyenne River Reservations. Contrary to popular belief, the Lakhota are not history.

Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe

The Cheyenne River Sioux Reservation is part of the Great Sioux Reservation that was established under the Treaty of 1868. This treaty established a reservation of 60,000,000+ acres that encompassed all of western South Dakota, North Dakota, Eastern Wyoming, and parts of Nebraska and Montana.

Great Sioux Nation

The Great Sioux Nation of South Dakota
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