Three Affiliated Tribes Arikara, Hidatsa, .Mandan,
Hidatsa Mandan Arikara Earth Lodges Edward Goodbird, following instructions of his uncle Wolf Chief, drew in 1914 the construction of a winter house, a they had been made before the plague and depopulation caused the people to settle without moving in
Hidatsa Tribe Earth Lodge
Sacagawea born around 1787 to a Shoshone (Snake) Indian tribe in Idaho. She was captured as a teenager by the Hidatsa Indians, then sold to the Missouri River Mandans.The Mandan tribe sold her to a Canadian trapper named Toussaint Charbonneau, and she became one of his wives. She had a baby son in February, 1805. by Ross
Sacagawea Sacagawea by J.Nicole
Sacagawea Sacajawea?—Sakakawea?—Sacagawea? Spelling—Pronunciation—Meaning by Irving W. Anderson The deeds of Sacagawea are well known to students of the Lewis and Clark Expedition. But a curious mystique completely envelopes two dimensions of her life’s story: 1) A disparity persists among her admirers concerning the derivation, spelling, pronunciation, and meaning of her name; and 2) A dispute has raged for nearly a century, concerning her fate following the expedition, especially events relating to the time and place of her final hours.
Sakakawea The GrosVentre spelling of the name, Bird Woman. by REV. C. L. Hall