The Crow Reservation is home to the Crow people. The Reservation is located in south-central Montana, is bordered on the south by the state of Wyoming with its northwestern boundary bordered by the city of Billings, Montana's largest metropolitan area.The Crow Indian Reservation covers about 37,000 square miles of rolling prairie and rugged foothills drained by the Bighorn River. There are about 7,000 tribal members, with a majority living on the reservation. The Crow language is spoken by more than 80% of the tribe.

Crow Tribal Council  
The Crow Crow tribe overview
Crow Reservation The Crow Reservation is in south central Montana, bordered by Wyoming to the south.
Crow Reservation Headquarters of the Crow Indian Reservation and close to the Bighorn Canyon and Little Bighorn Battlefield
Crow Indian Horses  
Crow Indian Activities Throughout the year a variety of cultural events are happening. 
Crow Indian Delegation Crow Indian Delegation, 1909 or 1910 photograph
Crow Indians Dedicated to the Absalooke people!
Crow Collection Rich collection that examines many aspects of Crow Indian culture
Crow Reservation