The Spanish called all of the people on the Central California coast, from the San Francisco peninsula to south of Big Sur, costeños or coast dwellers, later pronounced as "Costanos" by Anglo-Californians.  The word was adapted as Costanoans by linguists and anthropologists in reference to all of the indigenous people aboriginal to this long coast. We call ourselves "Ohlone" in our language.

Ohlone/Costanoan Esselen Nation The Original People of the Monterey Bay Area, California
understanding Understanding the Composition of Costanoan Indianse Text from a paper presented by Escobar, the Ohlone/Costanoan
Esselen Nation tribal genealogist, at the California Indian Conference, at San Francisco University, 1998.
Costanoan tribe Indian Canyon California - The Mutsun (Costanoan) Indians
Indiancanyon Site on Costanoan/Ohlone indigenous people
Costanoan Rumsen
Carmel Tribe
of Chino, California
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Costanoan - Ohlone Indians A look at the Costanoan Ohlone heritage in the Santa Cruz and Monterey Bay area,
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