Carrier Sekani Tribal Council The Carrier are a major Athapaskan language group occupying the upper Fraser River, Nazko River, Bulkley River, Nechako River, and the Stuart, Takla, Pinchie, Fraser, Fran?ois, and Anahim Lakes. Carriers call themselves Dakelh-ne or Yinka Dene or they identify themselves by the community from which they come with the addition of the suffix "t'en" or "whut'en" (people of). There are three dialects of Carrier: southern, central, and Babine (Wet'suwet'en and NatotOen).
Burns Lake Band  
Cheslatta Carrier Nation Band  
Kluskus Band  
Lake Babine Band  
Lheidli TOenneh Nation (formerly Fort George Band)  
Moricetown Band  
Nadleh Whut'en Band  
Nee-Tahi-Buhn Band  
Red Bluff Band (includes Chilcotin descendents)  
Saik'uz First Nation  
Stellat'en First Nation  
Takla Lake First Nation  
Tlazten Tl'azt'en Nation Natural Resources
Ulkatcho Band  
Yekoocht'en First Nation  
Wet'suwet'en First Nation