The Arapaho nation are unusual as they occupy many different regions. They lived for some time in the Red River Valley of Minnesota and North Dakota territories before they crossed the Missouri River and settled in Wyoming. There they divided into the Northern Arapaho and Southern Arapaho. The latter settled on a reservation in Oklahoma, while the Northern Arapaho joined the Shoshones on the Wind River Reservation in Wyoming.

The Arapaho, contrary to the popular conception, are not closely related to the Cheyenne, except by association and customs. Linguistically the two tribes are of one stock, yet so distinct that neither can understand the language of the other.

Arapaho Business Council The Wind River Reservation is home to the Northern Arapaho. The reservation covers 2,268,008 acres. There are 5,953 Arapaho tribal members. The tribal headquarters of the reservation is in Fort Washakie, Wyoming.
Story of the Origin of the Arapaho People The following is a the first part of a transcript of stories told by Pius Moss, an Elder of the Arapaho Tribe on the Wind River Reservation
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