There are no "Algonquian Indians." "Algonquian" is not the name of a native tribe or nation; it is a language. There are a large number of North American Nations that speak Algonquian languages across the USA.

The Algonquian existed for most part, in flimsy tipi like structures with outer shells of hide, matting or bark, but they sometimes built log cabins as well.

Many of the New England tribes spoke Algonquian languages, and a large number of the "Indian" words which are common in English today - such as raccoon, Massachusetts, and moccasin, etc. - are from one or another of the "Algonquian" languages, such as Abenaki, Wampanoag, Nipmuc, Penboscot, Shawnee, Delaware, etc.

Abenaki, [5] Moravian Potawatomi
Delaware, Nipmuc Shawnee
Gros Ventre Ottawa Wampanoag
Miami Penboscot
Algonquians of the East Coast
Bibliography Of The Algonquian Languages
Commoners, Tribute, and Chiefs
  Bibliography Of The Algonquian Languages