Craft King If macrame's your bag then you may find a visit to this site well worth while. Ideal for craft workers who don't have a supplies shop handy, Craft King has limitless supplies of cord in more colours than you can imagine, and far more than you're likely to find in the local haberdashers. Secure online ordering services are available, so you can buy with confidence. Online craft supplies at reasonable prices
Crochet Creations

The one-stop shop for devotees of that more refined form of knitting - crochet. As well as being a retail outlet for a vast variety of colours and weights of yarn - as usual at a fair discount to normal retail prices - Crochet Creations gives links to another 100 craft sites. There are lots of ideas for special occasions, from crocheted fridge magnets, halloween specials, hair scrunchies and Christmas decorations, and the opportunity to exchange tips with fellow enthusiasts.You need never buy a pattern book or be stuck for wool-based inspiration again.

Garden of Origami A beautifully yet minimally designed page (but of course) with tutorials on grasping the basics, increasingly advanced, yet always easy to understand paper plans for you to follow. There's an interesting section on therapeutic Origami - for hand rehabilitation and mental health therapy, as well as related pieces on giant Origami and Origami humour and fiction..
Stratford Brass Rub A hobby that enthrals children and can be good fun for parents too, and the Stratford Brass Rubbing Centre offers a brilliant introduction. Rather than wandering around churches in the hopes of finding something worth copying, and then getting trampled by tourists when you're in the creative act, the Centre has a range of copy brasses for hire. Plus there are mail order brass rubbing supplies, and the site has extensive historical background on brasses and how English churches ended up with so many of these extraordinary artefacts.
Topiary By Design Catering to the ancient Japanese art of Bonsai. There's even a special festive range of Bonsai Christmas trees. Admirably simple online ordering from this Worcestershire nursery, with all prices including post and packaging; And a promise that your tree will arrive within 21 days. Buy your Bonsai online, then find out how to stop it growing.