Amateur Telescope Making
Dobsonian Telescope (3)  
ATM Page resource for both beginning and advanced Amateur Telescope Making
Amateur Telescope Makers of Boston open to all those interested in pursuing astronomy as a hobby
Amateur Telescope Makers (ATM) Archives to share experiences, ideas, and resources related to Amateur Telescope Making. Typical topics include glass pushing, mount making, and home observatories.
Newtonian Pages, how telescopes work, how to choose one, the Newtonian design, glossary, book reviews,
Amateur Telescope Making dedicated to the interests of those who pursue amateur telescope making as a hobby.
ATM Page resource for both beginning and advanced Amateur Telescope Making.
ATM's Resource List directory of companies that supply the ATM.
ATM: Amateur Telescope Making personal observatory and telescopes, a faster way to grind mirrors
Copy Scope Page designed to help with the construction of an astronomical/terrestrial low power Copy Scope from a Copier Lens.
Large Amateur Telescope (Group 70) Project
Pittsburgh Club homemade brass telescopes, information on store bought scopes and observin
Recycled Telescopes build a robotic Newtonian telescope from industrial junk. Dumpster diving tips for the hi-tech scavenger.
Scott Berfield's Amateur Astronomy Info amateur telescope making and astro-imaging. Also has simulations for collisions of galaxies, eclipsing binaries, and Kepler's three laws.
Stellafane: Springfield Telescope Makers
Sun Gun make your own solar telescope.
Telescope Maker's Projects, A amateur telescope making using aluminum.
Telescopes and Telescope Making instructions for motorizing and adding computer control to your telescope.
Victor's Home Page information especially for beginners who want to make their own telescope
Weird Telescopes variety of solutions by individuals in search of the perfect image.