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Greg's Bridge Page practice bidding with your partner, visualize hands, resolve what-if situations, or print computer generated duplicate forms
Rules of Card Games: Bridge
All of the Bridge Conventions You Could Ever Want openings, responses, defenses, and slam/game probes.
Bridge descriptions of systems and conventions that I've played and discovered
Bridge - A Beginner's Guide Internet's OKbridge club
Bridge Arkade in english an norwegian. It contains boards, conventions, quiz, stories, links and a 'who is to blame' page,
Bridge in Austin local tournament information,
Bridge Lessons For Beginners
playBridge Hand Generator Bridge World.
Bridge Plaza coverage of the 1996 World Teams Olympiad.
Bridge School of Long Island play contract bridge. Beginners welcome. Friendly, sociable atmosphere. ACBL-affiliated.
Bridge Server ( login as "bridge" with password "bridge.0"
Bridge Without Sam articles from an old weekly column.
Competitive Bridge online or through CD.
Contract Bridge
Flexb free software to test bidding systems.
History of Bridge
International Bridge Bidders Club compare decisions with bridge experts and other players in the monthly bidding contests
Israeli Bridge
Jim Loy's Bridge Page software review, articles, bidding systems
Karen's Bridge Library lessons, references, and articles for bridge players of all skill levels
L System system with few artificial conventions to assess a hand at the early stage of bidding.
Miss Fran's World information on bridge clubs and tournaments in the area.
Neil Morgenstern's Bridge Page
Qing Yang's Bridge Corner thoughts on some hands played.
South Australian Youth Bridge
Thomas's Bridge Fantasia humor, articles, and more.
Welcome to Duplicate Bridge
winBridge interactive chatting while you are playing or observing a game.
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Software BuyLine, your best SW & HW online source.