Diplomatic Pouch for players of Avalon Hill's game of Diplomacy and its many variants.
Diplodocus: The Prehistoric Gaming 'Zine Postal Play of Avalon Hill's Diplomacy Game and it's variants.
Diplomacy in Australia conventions, clubs, results and ratings.
Diplomacy Online rules, tips and information on the game.
Diplomacy Subject Index

Diplomacy World

Diplomat, The Diplomacy for alt.fan.pratchett subscribers
Emeric's Diplomacy Page Play Diplomacy on Compuserve, where there is a great community with 'real' gamesmasters. Includes info on playing on CIS, tactics,
Europe War Tribune electronic newspaper covering all military actions, diplomacy and results on the battlefields by the players of this Diplomacy game.
Grammar of Diplomacy grammar, semantics, and terminals of the game. Includes a bibliography. By Ken Samuel.
MidCon National Championship broadgames convention. November 10, 1996.
Viceroy's Plenipotentiary
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