Axis and Allies
A&A Odds Calculator Odds Calculator for battle planning for players of Axis and Allies (for Windows 3.1 or Win95)
Axis & Allies and WWII Gaming Axis and Allies WWII resources including maps, strategy, tactics, add-ons and reviews.
Axis & Allies Archive strategies, alternate rules, and many links.
Axis and Allies
Axis and Allies Members Club types of play and includes chat, message board, rankings, downloads, strategy, and more.
Axis and Allies Strategy strategies, information and links.
Table Tactics gaming miniatures and Axis & Allies addons.
Alternative Axis & Allies Rules Greatly simplified: 4 units, inf (cost/fight/move 1), ships (cost/fight/move 2), tanks (" 3), planes (" 4). Game replay.
AXIS & ALLIES - Games from Hasbro Interactive and Hasbro Hasbro Interactive's official Axis & Allies web site containing details of the new CD-ROM game which follows the classic Milton Bradley board game.
Axis & Allies Home Page General Information about Axis & Allies. Hints and Tips from other Players. History of World War 2. Game Variants of Axis & Allies. The Axis & Allies FAQ from Peter Goudswaard.
Axis & Allies Strategies Axis and Allies strategies ranging from 1 to 20+ pages, A&A quiz, and more.
The Axis & Allies Tech Center Tactics and strategies from two masters of the game.
Axis & Allies WWW HQ FAQ, Strategy Page, Scenarios, Alternate Rules, Links.
Don's Axis and Allies WarRoom expanding series of essays on how to achieve victory in "Axis and Allies." For all levels of play, from beginner to expert.
MIT A&A Variant Rules Balanced house rules often used at the M.I.T. games club, based on first edition rules, with straits restricting access to sea zones.
Plotted A&A variant for Milton Bradley's Axis & Allies¨ (A&A). In this variant, players plot each turn's activities in advance. During a turn, a number of rounds are played until all plotted actions have been revealed. Each country may reveal and execute one plotted action per round.
Ralph Boerke's Axis & Allies Axis & Allies, Conquest of the Empire
Sirchauce's Axis and Allies Web Site sirchauce's AXIS and ALLIES World Wide Web Site
Spring 1942: Axis and Allies Club Axis and Allies CD Rom Gaming Club: Stats , Rankings, Tournaments, Zone Play, 2500 members.
thrasher's Axis and Allies site on Scenarios and house rules for Axis and Allies. A list of more then 70 A&A sites is included. There is also a section for expansions and the predecessor of the MB game: NOVA A&A.
Ultimate Axis and Allies Web Site Axis & Allies World War II Board Game Unofficial Web Site
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