Bronze Casting in Viking Age Collection of personal experience and articles on the craft.
Daily Life in the Viking Period Describing the structure of the Viking society and how it was maintained.
Fire on the Water The myth and history of Viking funerals.
Freya A brief description of the Norse goddess, Freya.
Glima - Wrestling of the Vikings A popular sport of the Vikings, glima was a form of wrestling between two opponents.
Hˇlmgang and Einvigi: Scandinavian Forms of the Duel What duelling and feuding meant to the Vikings, and the methods of restraining bloodshed.
Our Norse Heritage Long list of links to many aspects of the Vikings culture and society.
Project Beowulf Comparing the Vikings' way of thinking to our modern-day outlook on many aspects of life.
Runes - The Viking Oracle A brief overview of what runes are and where they came from.
Runic Calendars Time reckoning in the Viking age.
Status in the Viking World Viking class structure based on army and fighting ranks.
The Orkneyinga Saga Discussing the importance of this saga in providing information about Viking history.
The Pre Ragnarok Viking Gods Identifying and describing the role of the Viking Gods.
The Viking Linguistic Heritage Viking words which have been adopted by other languages.
The Voyage of the Norwegians Torulf and Egil to Estonia in 925 Their voyage was made in the time of King Eirik Bloodaxe to Kuraland on the north-east coast of Latvia. It gives a good picture of local life and conditions.
Viking Answer Lady [1] Describing what type of people could be called Viking.
Viking Answer Lady [2] The pets and domesticated animals of the Vikings.
Viking Answer Lady [3] The role of horses in Viking life.
Viking Astronomy A Viking map of the stars.
Viking Links Wide range of links covering many aspects of Viking culture.
Viking Ornamentation Styles Looking at the six major periods of Viking decoration.
Viking Pilgrimage to the Holy Land Essay discussing the religious beliefs of the Vikings.
Viking Religion Scandinavian mythology and pre-Christian religious beliefs of the Scandinavian people.