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BBC News | Americas | Oregon woman exercises suicide option An elderly woman in the American state of Oregon has become the first person to die under a controversial assisted suicide law.
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Euthanasia Theology Library Euthanasia "We accept human life as God's gift to us. Passing through death into eternal life is also God's gift. It is for God to determine the time." New Zealand Bishops, Pastoral Letter on Euthanasia 36 links John Paul II..
Suicide - Resources Cases Relating to Assisted Suicide: Cruzan v. Director, Missouri Dept. of Health Full text of Cruzan v. Director, Missouri Dept. of Health (Cornell University - Supreme Court Law Site) Full text of Cruzan v. Director, Missouri Dept. of Health
Euthansia Netherlands Right-to-die advocates often point to Holland as the model for how well physician-assisted, voluntary euthanasia for terminally-ill, competent patients can work without abuse. But the facts indicate otherwise